Students are to note that no other person(s) aside their parent(s)/guardian(s) are to complete and endorse the portions of the uploaded Forms, so indicated for their attention. We admonish parent(s)/guardian(s) to also ensure that this instruction is strictly complied with, as any violation in this wise will be accounted to the affected student as forgery/fraud. Likewise, the endorsements shall be legally binding on the parent(s)/guardian(s) as well as the student.

How This Portal Works

1) Create Parent or Guardian's profile.

2) Login to the portal.

  • New Students : Username and password are your admission number and application login passcode respectively.
  • Returning Students: login with your normal login username and password.

3) After you have logged in successfully click on Student Affairs' Form to fill the various Student Affairs' and forms and Medical Form to fill the Medical Forms.

4) When you are done filling the forms, you can click on Status to view your filled forms status.